Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Instructions for applying WordCandy Vinyl

1. Clean your wall or surface
Be sure that your surface is smooth, dry and free of dust and dirt. WordCandy Vinyl can be applied to walls, wood, glass, concrete, metal, or any other smooth, dry surface. The vinyl is removable but cannot be repositioned or reused. Do not apply to freshly painted walls. Wait a minimum of 2 weeks after painting.

2. Prepare the Vinyl
Lay each vinyl decal on a flat surface. Press firmly over the entire decal with the edge of a credit card or similar object. You are reactivating the bond between the vinyl and the transfer tape.

3. Plan your layout
Arrange your vinyl on your surface using masking tape (top edge only), do not remove the white backing until you are happy with your layout.

4. Apply the vinyl
Flip the viny lup. Starting from any corner, slowly peel the white backing away from the transfer tape, the vinyl should be sticking to the transfer tape. If some of the vinyl remains stuck to the white backing, stop. Rub the vinyl on thatarea and slowly continue peeling until the backing is completely removed. As you lower the vinyl to your surface, carefully move your hand across the vinyl, starting at the top center and working your way out to the edges and bottom. With your finger or a credit card, finish the application by rubbing over the vinyl to secure it to your surface and remove any air bubbles. Once you have done this, carefully remove the transfer tape, making sure the vinyl is sticking to your surface and not to the transfer tape.

Warning: WordCandy Vinyl is not responsible for any damage caused by applying or removing vinyl from any surface. Apply WordCandy Vinyl at your own risk.

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