Thursday, February 7, 2008

Look what you can do with Vinyl!

Here are a few ideas and samples of what you can do, check out the idea links to the right for more!

This alpahbet was done for a children's play room. The red square is paint, but all of the letters are done with vinyl. The size of this piece applied is 62" x 71". $55. Cost includes choice of up to 8 different colors. Can also be sized down to fit your space and budget.

Child's first and middle name, in two different fonts and colors. 8" x 28". $12.00.
I have these above my kid's closets.

Name definition for a wall or frame. 3" x 10". $6.50 up to 50 characters. Have fun and create your own based on your childs personality!

Chocolate Lover's tile. Fits on a 12" x 12" tile (not included). $15.00. YUM!

No place like home. 3" x 24". $7.50. Looks cute on a board or right on the wall!

"Kiss the cook" 5.25" x 18". $6.00. Give one to your favorite chef!

Family is Everything. 10.5" x 24". $11.00. Wood not included.

Twinkle Twinkle. 14" x 25". $16.00. This is a picture from my son's nursery.

Splish Splash. 10" x 45". $16.00. This one was done on the wall right above the tub, but it will also stick to the walls of your tub or shower.

Alphabet. See custom pricing or e-mail me for a quote. Aligator is not vinyl, it is wallpaper.

Grow old along with me ... 5.5" x 24". $10.00. Compliments any wedding or engagement photo set.

Last name with anniversary year. 10" x 10". $6.00, price varies depending on your last name and final size.

Giant letter. 12.5" x 13.5. $4.00.

"Family" 11.2" x 40". $18.00

***Sorry, frames no longer available****


Katy said...

Allie, I didn't even know you had this until the other day I found it on Jessica's blog! It looks great. HOLLA!!!:)

Jeff and Nicole said...

I'm here from the I love giveaways blog and I LOVE this piece!! I definitely want one (even if I don't win!) Also...I want to do some custom lettering and I love the boys names with the middle name! Too too cute!!! Love your stuff. Looks great!

"J" said...

I just came over from Bloggy Giveaways!

I love this! How much would something like this cost?


Also do you have any ideas for a lake house??? For wall art?
Email me! =)